A personalized daily affirmation, when combined with persistent can be a valuable tool to live a better life. Here is mine.


I am alive and in this moment

I have abundance 

I am in high demand for my wisdom and skills

All my actions result in the improvement of my situation as I increase my value and attract what I want in my life

I make a living doing what I love

I do not need approval by others

I have positioned myself for a beautiful future, because everything in my life has lead me to where I am right now and I continue to use the present moment to invest in my future self

I invest in my knowledge,  valuable new skills and experiences

I reach out to others, through my  writing, music, videos, speaking and use of social media on a regular basis, expanding my networks and contacts making sure to be kind and thoughtful to others in my words and deeds

I am inspiring and a good friend always offering honest advice when asked

I am always happy and calm in any situation

I am full of energy

I’m highly effective

I exercise every day of my life 

I have a healthy body and mind

I love to smile

I have a wonderful sense of humour

I enjoy every day I’m alive

I am clear and focused

I am highly organized

I am always grateful

I uplift others

I am master of my mind

I am a talented musician and entrepreneur 

I love the work I do

Everyday I set out to learn new things and make a contribution in whatever situation I am in

I meditate everyday

I understand the importance of focussing my thoughts on the things that are within my own circle of influence, this helps me avoid wasteful thoughts and actions

I know I will have all the right answers, at just the right time, when I need them, therefore I have tremendous confidence in myself, now and in the future and feel no anxiety.

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Casinos Cast our Fate to the Wind

Yes gambling is as old as prostitution, a vice that will not be going away soon.  When it becomes a main stream revenue generator by government to raise funds for our infrastructure, we must ask the question. Are we gambling away our future?

Let’s face it gambling is a sucker’s game where only a few people at the top win, namely the house, and the highly publicized winners. If all the losers got the same advertising attention we would see endless loss and misery.

Sure throwing down a few bucks for a little entertainment and the excitement of the possibility of winning a big pot can be a lot of fun.

But the serious type of gambling that is being proposed in Toronto right now to establish a major casino that will ultimately become part of the income generating model for the city’s infrastructure is quite frankly disturbing.

When the government approves or condones anything they are basically telling citizens that it is OK behaviour and part of our culture.

With this comes the conditioning of our minds from the media. Just look at those commercials promising excitement, adventure and freedom derived from gambling. What are we telling our kids?

What about our work ethic and the belief that we can generate wealth, freedom and happiness from our own efforts, and have control over our own destiny? The whole casino and gambling culture would rather have us bypass all of that, and throw it all down for the overwhelming odds against us to win a quick buck.

And believe me it is a humongous well-financed incredibly influential industry that impacts government, social behavior, and reaches into every aspect of our lives. Let’s not forget that the whole casino industry has its roots in organized crime.

It’s encouraging to see the debate that’s going on right now and because of social media and Internet citizens are being heard like never before. 

Before our politicians place our financial independence,  our waterfront and huge tracks of land and collective assets  on the blackjack table. I believe it is worthwhile for all our citizens to ask this one question.

Should we be casting our fate to the wind?

Here is a tune to help you remember. Imagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sdfwan5tMw

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Brains or Guns

Brains or Guns.

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Brains or Guns

ImageIt’s interesting that the big debates going on right now in United States are about gun-control, and now Obama has introduced his mapping of the brain project.

It’s disturbing to see the response of some people and even towns and organizations in their response would be to give out free guns to its citizens and in some small towns legislate everybody to have a gun.

I shudder when I think about what it would be like to live in a world where every person on the planet had to carry a gun. Where everyone lives in fear and our first response to any perceived act of aggression is to pull out a gun and shoot the other person.

I’m writing this not to justify my passivist position in this debate, but to merely point out that as a society we continue to avoid the root causes of violence. Instead we dehumanize and look at each other as something to be feared.

This is where the brain comes in. As Obama so rightly pointed out we know so much more about our universe and the world outside of us, but yet know so little about this piece of meat between our ears. 

By understanding the brain and how it functions and how to protect it and keep it healthy we can begin to get at the trigger of our emotions,  all human needs are born out of and acted upon from this one little organ.

I know that just by writing about this and expressing my view there’ll be critics pouncing all over my words. However what kind of world would we be living in if we stop speaking our mind because we’re afraid of being criticized.

I prefer to use my brain, and invite intelligent debate. I am happy to see that the brain has been put on the table in what I see as part of the bigger debate.

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Consume or Create, That is the Question

If necessity is the mother of invention, then what would be it’s opposite? No necessity no motivation for invention in fact no motivation for anything but to exist. Because technology and new inventions have evolved so fast and have permeated every aspect our daily lives to serve our every whim, we are no longer required to use our bodies, minds and money for things that were once necessary.  While this might be good news for the consumer, traditional business’s requiring people to deliver services, manufacture goods and provide a living wage have either scaled to this new reality or disappeared. Yes there will always be a need for people in certain industries but the effects this situation will have on the new economy are stark.  Futurist, author, inventor Ray Kurzweil using his LOAR thesis, “law of accelerating returns” predicts that the internet will continue to provide the infrastructure for innovation and technological development at breakneck speed till the end of this century.  Will you be able to find the necessity to invent your new life in this strange new world of work?


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The Economy Res…

The Economy Restored
Then I saw the source of the new economy in all it’s abundance as clear as crystal, flowing from the minds of all people and spreading out around the world. In every region there were ideas being formed, bearing the fruits of knowledge for the sustenance of everyone, including the creatures, the planet and all it’s life forms. No longer will there be hoarding, power struggles for land, food, basic necessities and the resources of the planet, thus eliminating the desire for the hollow victories of war. Everyone is connected and the exchange of ideas, goods and services are free flowing.
The new monetary system in its digital form transcends time and space and can easily be exchanged for whatever is needed at any time. While people can still choose to live a life of scarcity or excess they will have all the knowledge and information to make informed choices. New economic education systems will teach them how to learn and grow, about values and what their freedom means and the effects of their decisions upon themselves, others and their planet. There will be no more poverty except by individual choice. There will be no need for factories because of additive manufacturing (3D) or offices as we now know them as the connection economy will change the meaning and purpose of work so every person can become self actualized while being interdependent with each other.

From “Rise of the Artrepreneurs” a new book coming this summer Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 12.13.00 PMby David Blackmore


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Vampires Have Their Day in The Sun

Vampires Have Their Day in The Sun.

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